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HEY everybody! I have a new LJ; I won't be using this one anymore.


I'm trying to get a different layout, and after messing around with it for around 2 hours, I'm still not pleased with it. BUT i'm tired, so for tonight i'm saying 'fuck it'.. -_-;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

grrrrr... stupid layouts...

its been a while~

Hey everybody, it's been a while since I've posted a real update, so here we go~!

Work is going alright. It pays well and the tips are awesome, but its sorta wrecking my back, knees, and heels (i've got bad heels). But I think I can deal until around the 10th of Sept, which is when I'm supposed to have my last day. I think the thing I hate most about the job is the fact that I'm really not a people person and hate dealing with customers. For the most part they are cool, but its the stupid ones that wreck it for me.

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So anyway... ^^;; Mom and Dad are going out of town this weekend for their anniversary. Which means I get to play Home Alone until I help Diana move into her apartment in BG. *slaps face and does Home Alone kid scream* haha ^^; So yeah, anyone wanna hang out or something?

I've taken up running to get in shape. I still go to the gym and everything, but for some reason I've had this urge to start running instead of going to the gym. Maybe it's the fresh air? But today i'll be going to the Metroparks to run at the park (whoo~).

OK! Quick random updates! :
- I've got a new love for the Food Network. It's SO fucking awesome! Dinner Impossible, Ace of Cakes, Good Eats... so awesome :)
- My apartment building in Hiroshima has cockroaches. NOT awesome! The first time I see one run across my floor, i'm going to fucking freak!

OK, update over. Hope everyone is doing well~!

lol my character looks like a barbie..

Because a lot of other people have also done this and I'm a follower... ^^;;

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eyebrow ring~ (and meme!)

har har, Monday night side-adventure!

strange picture warning!Collapse )

It hurt when I got it done, but I've already gotten 2 tattoos, so it was nothing (I was scared shitless beforehand though!). I like it! ^^ Not the picture though... -_-;;;


Edit: Meme from cacklebang! ^^

List seven songs you are into right now, no matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your LiveJournal along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

The Way I Are- Timberland
I Miss You- Bjork
Let the Flames Begin- Paramore
Thanks for the Memories- Fall Out Boy
In the End- Iio
A Strange Disease- Prozzak
My Moon My Man- Feist

ok! Now I tag dianabunny, gsv2, la_marquise85, kiriki, and wisp001! :)

A little problem...

so, I have a little bit of a problem. It involves my hamster, Peanut. When I go to Japan this September, I have no one to take care of him. Diana can't take him, no one in my family wants him, and I don't know what to do...

I was half thinking of bringing him with me. BUT there could be a big and complicated process in transporting him (IF he survives the trip over there..). So he might die going there, and the process may be difficult. BUT no one can take him, and I can't bare to give him to an animal shelter.. :(

can anyone give me some advice? OR, is anyone interested in adopting a hamster???


PS: how do they make pink lemonade pink??

Am I stupid? Yes.

Things NOT to say to your girlfriend...

Diana: (who has a bad headache) Sorry we can't do anything tonight, honey. I'm going to go lie down for a while and might fall asleep, but I'll try to call you before I go to sleep.

Me: Aw that's okay. And if you don't wake up, that's okay too.

Diana: ... what?

SO isn't what I meant to say! You know what I meant, honey... ^^;;

new toy!

I've been planning on buying this game for a while, but because of the cost always went "eh, no...". But yesterday I was frolicing around eBay (yes, frolicing) and decided to look it up. I found the game for a lot cheaper and was able to send an offer to the seller to sell it for cheaper (and they accepted XD )!!

New Toy~!Collapse )

GAH, today I've gotta get so much shit done, but I feel soooooo lazyyyy.... >.<


An update? Finally?

I know, it's been a while. I've been pretty absent from LJ! Sorry about that... Not a whole lot going on for me; just working and hangin' out.

Work is going alright so far :)I'm getting a lot in tips (well, a lot for me. I've never received tips before, so I'm not used to getting money every time I work!). But I've been saving my tip money for the Niagara Falls trip Diana and I are taking this weekend. I'm SO excited!! :D This trip is the first couple vaca that Diana and I are going on :) We're staying at a super-cute b&b near the falls (our room has a fireplace and jacuzzi...XD ). I'm going to be taking so many pictures..

Yesterday Bridget and I went to an art's festival at Cleveland Heights and it was a lot of fun. But while we were there, a vendor had their money box stolen in front of us while walking around. The woman yelled "stop that man!" but I found myself frozen and not able to go after him. I was thinking "omg I should go after him" (he ran into the woods), but then thought "he's a big black guy... i'm a 20 year old white chick. maybe that wouldn't be a good idea.. what if he has a knife or something?" After telling my mom and sister why I didn't go after him, they told me I was paranoid in thinking that he could've had a knife and all I needed to do was knock him over. ... Am I really paranoid for being cautious about chasing after a big black dude who just ganked a whole bunch of money into the woods??? What the hell?? >:(

Ok! I've written too much! I'll be going now! Love you guys :)


PS: I have new icons! They're from the show South of Nowhere, which I have become addicted.. 9_9 I'm such a splashley fan XD The third season begins in August and I'm SO excited!

PPS: ... I want an eyebrow ring...


Hey everybodies, I gots me a haircut ;D

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